by Ian D. Billingham


The Big Shift

Build Your Own Economy, Fire Your Boss…and Walk Out Laughing!

The Big Shift addresses what is likely to be the most important topic of change that is impacting you and your loved ones on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Job redundancy and frustration have become the norm.  It decodes the current job career reality you’re heading into, but also provides unique battle-proven insights and practical advice on how even you can start crafting an alternative future for yourself right now.

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Ian’s handing it to you on a silver platter, how even you can prepare yourself for the biggest shift you need to make in your life towards living the rest of it in abundance, and avoiding the shock and desperation of where that will leave you if you don’t.

Raymond Aaron

New York Times Bestselling Author

Inside The Big Shift, Ian’s going to reveal and explain how you can:

Build “You, Inc.”: your biggest asset that not even the ‘system’ can take away

Unlock multiple streams of income with what you already know

Re-code yourself for success

Attract torrents of customers and level-up your compensation through The BrandQ Methodology™

Next-level your income by using your natural-born ability and The BrandQ Value Ladder Blueprint™

Load up your profit storehouses and appoint your Chairman of the Board

Speaker | Award Winning Author | Entrepreneur

Ian D. Billingham

You’ve been conditioned to live your life a certain way.  But a change is happening, that is challenging the very fabric of your values, and your upbringing.  Technology has completely shifted the ONE THING that fundamentally shapes the way you earn a living…and how you’re valued: TIME.  Robots, automation and artificial intelligence are replacing humans by doing a whole lot more, better, faster– you’re now faced with a fundamental question on your future…and what that will look like. 

Many have made the shift, refusing to submit to the rules that bind them…and are now writing their own.  There’s a shift happening in the individual enterprise…a movement that is transforming the world.  Restoring relationships, communities, and living.  The time is NOW.  Nothing changes…until you make THE BIG SHIFT

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